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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Quick guide: how to grow Auto-flowering Cannabis

Cannabis flowers from Auto-flowering seeds
Auto flowering Cannabis strains don´t require a switch in daylight times, so you don´t need to change the light cycle from 18 hours per day to 12 hours. The auto flowering strains are all breeds which contain Cannabis Ruderalis genetics. Many growers criticize that the plants remain small, most auto-flowering strains don´t even reach 1 meter and through that have a low yield. But it has to be said that the plants are ready to harvest very quickly, you can get your Cannabis ready in 2 to 3 months. They are also perfectly suited for indoor and outdoor. When grown outdoor you can bring the small plants out late, to catch the time of the summer with the highest amount of daylight. And you always can be sure you get your harvest before days might become cold.

Germination of the Auto-flowering Cannabis seeds

The germination is done like with any other Cannabis seeds. Take a plate and put a wet paper or cloth on it, now spread the seeds over it and cover all with another wet paper or cloth. Be sure all is covered well and than take another plate you put on the other one upside down. The first seeds could germinate within the first 24 hours, so keep checking for open seeds often, but it also can take several days until all are open. If the small seedlings reached a size of a few mm, quickly plant them in small flower pots. Therefore just fill them with soil, make a hole in the middle that is around 5 mm deep and place the seedling in it. Carefully cover it with soil. After a few days your seedlings are already small plants.

Handling of the small plants

Now hurry and place them into your grow room or take them outside to your growing spot. The vegetation period is quite short and therefore they should grow as much as they can. The vegetation period is often only 2 to 3 weeks long and than the plants start the flowering period themselves.

The vegetation period of Auto-flowering Cannabis

As said, the vegetation period is very short, so ensure good light, no matter if indoor or outdoor. You should also fertilize your plants, following a strict plan, so that you have the chance to get the maximum size. Depending on your strain, the plants will have a height of 30 to 100 cm when the flowering period begins.

As with all grows, keep watering them so that the soil is always wet and don´t forget to spray water on them daily.

The flowering period of Auto-flowering Cannabis

As soon as it starts, keep track of the gender, so you can sort the males out quickly, this time you don´t have a pre-mature state for an early selection. Additional when you grow indoors, you don´t have to switch from 18 hours light to 12 hours, but you still have to switch the lamps. Because only that the flowering period starts by itself, they got the same needs as regular Cannabis. So the different light spectrum is essential to get a good yield. Also switch to fertilizers suited for the flowering period. As before, keep the soil wet and spray water on your plants daily.

Another major difference is, that you don´t have to give them 12 hours light per day, you can keep giving full light for 18 hours a day. Some growers even experiment with more extreme methods and give full flowering light for 24 hours, 7 days a week. That way you can get a really large bud with a large amount of resin. So that the yield per plant measured on its size and growing duration is still excellent.

Preparation of the harvest

Auto flowering cannabis seeds
Stop fertilizing at least one week before the harvest. Regular you can also stop fertilizing 2 weeks before the harvest, but here time is very limited and therefore every day without fertilizer could mean a loss in yield and quality. Continue watering your plants and spraying them with water. With other strains you would be advised to stop watering 2 days before the harvest, but again time is yield and quality, you can not give these 2 days away. So keep watering until the last day before the harvest. But you still could turn out the lights 2 days before the harvest, so that your buds get a small booster at the end.

Getting more harvests per year

If you are not using feminized auto-flowering cannabis seeds, you should choose one male and one female plant to produce seeds. So you can harvest a large amount of seeds within 2 to 3 months, that way you can make it possible to gather several harvests per year. Even in colder regions of the northern hemisphere you might get up to 3 harvests per year, while other strains only give a chance to one harvest. That is because they are only flowering when the daylight times become shorter and with auto-flowering seeds you live without that problem.

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