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Thursday, March 6, 2014

How to fertilize your Cannabis plants - How to use Cannabis grow nutrients

growing cannabis with good quality nutrients
There are tons of fertilizers out there, specially made up for the needs of cannabis plants. But they are not only available as nutrients for Cannabis but they can be used for other kinds of plants. It depends on the method you are choosing what fertilizers are made for your grow. There is a huge difference between them, because there is a huge difference between regular soil, hydro culture, cocoa substrate and similar. A few of them are also set up to fit for all cannabis growing techniques. But it might be better to choose a set of fertilizers specially made for your technique.

Just keep in mind, soil offers are wide range of nutrients already, while there are no ready to use nutrients in hydro cultures. So the cannabis hydro culture needs more nutrients and another relation of them.

Some fertilizers come in 6 up to 12 different packs, so that you can always ensure the best nutrients and the best relation of them for your cannabis plants. Since fertilizing can be so complicated, the packs with the various fertilizers are normally delivered with a schematic when to use which of them.

For example right after the germination of your cannabis seeds you give enhancers for the root growth, the fertilizer has instructions in the manual how much you have to use per liter of water.

Some fertilizers add another one during the second week, to not only enhance the growth of the cannabis plant roots, but also already enhancing the plant growth.

And so it goes on during the cannabis vegetation period and the cannabis flowering period, most fertilizers fully stop 1 or 2 weeks before the harvest. Of course the root growth hormone is regular only given when the cannabis plant is small, but especially during the early and mid flowering stages it can be possible that you add up to 4 different fertilizers at once.

When you want to make a decision for a fertilizer, be sure the time frame on the fertilizer fits to the times given to your cannabis strain. Cause many fertilizers have a 8 weeks cycle in their manuals and it will become difficult for you to adjust it properly when you got a cannabis strain with 12 or more weeks.

If you can´t follow the instructions of the fertilizer properly, it can easily happen that you give your cannabis plants too many fertilizers. That can be the death of your grow, as fertilizers are highly concentrated nutrients and could even burn the cannabis plant roots.

using cannabis growing nutrients for the best results on your plant
But there are also some natural ways to boost your plant growth, neem oil to keep off vermin or horse dung instead of artificial fertilizers. So for a natural fertilizing you can use similar methods you´ve seen in the professional agriculture. Some growers replant their Cannabis plants several times and not only once after the seedling reached the right size to be planted in its final sized pot. So they can replace the soil several times and so ensuring a natural way of high nutrient content. Additionally mixing dung into the soil is the replacement for the fertilizers.

But be aware, natural fertilizing also raises the risk of vermin and other bad stuff to reach your cannabis plants. So in the point of safety, the chemical way is by far better. If you have to keep your purse in mind, than of course the natural way is much cheaper, cause in most cases you don´t have to pay anything at all. Artificial fertilizers can easily cost a small fortune, if you buy a complete set of fertilizers for all stages, than you can quickly spend several hundred Euros. Sure it also depends on the amount of fertilizer within each pack or bottle.

Using the correct fertilizer at the right time is necessary for optimal results on your cannabis growing!

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