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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

How to Grow Cannabis Outdoor

Grow Cannabis Outdoor
Outdoor growing has to be separated into several steps as well; in that chapter it is not about growing a few plants in flowerpots on the balcony, it is about growing larger amounts of cannabis plants outside. That kind of growing is also known as guerilla growing. It is a highly cost efficient way of growing, with the risk to loose some plants cause the growing placed had been spotted.

First you have to search for a good place, a place that is invisible to other people, where sunlight can reach the cannabis plants the whole time and where other people can´t smell it. The next step is to choose the strain, germinate the cannabis seeds at home and grow the seedlings to small plants and get them ready to be brought outside. Ensure the soil at your spot is prepared and in good condition for your cannabis plants. Take care for your plants and many more will be explained here, step by step to make it easy for you to get started.

Finding the right spot

The right spot is as said a place where nobody can see your cannabis plants, also it is far away enough from places or ways where many people come across, so that smell can´t cause trouble. It also offers sunlight from all directions, all the time. In many cases these are forest glades or some even choose to make “holes” in cornfields, so they cut away the corn, to make place for their plants. Corn suites quite well, as it grows high, but be careful that the corn harvest is not earlier than your own.
Also your spot should be easy and fast to reach for yourself, because you have to look after your cannabis plants from time to time. And not only look after them, you also might have to bring water, fertilizers, pesticides and more to them. So if the spot is difficult to reach or far away, you will reach the border of what is possible for you to carry.

The right time to start your grow

In colder regions of the northern hemisphere like Poland, Germany, Czech Republic, France and similar, you have to pass the right time to bring out your plants and use the summer to the fullest. For you there will be only one chance per year for a harvest, so do this properly. Depending on your cannabis strain you have to take out your small plants during the end of April until the beginning of June, your harvest will than be ready during September and October. That means a good time to choose your strain and start germinating the cannabis seeds is at the end of April, so that your plants are ready to be taken outside within May.

Choose your Cannabis strain

Cannabis strains
Depending on your spot, you should choose a smaller or taller cannabis strain. If you have forest glades you can pick tall strains, no matter if they grow as high as 4 meters, the trees in forests are regular much larger and therefore hiding plants of all sizes. A cornfield on the opposite is somewhat more limited in its ability to hide plants, so you maybe shouldn´t choose cannabis strains which don´t grow higher than 1,80 to 2 meters. Additional keep track of the time when the crop of corn is done, so that you pick a strain that finishes flowering early enough to be ready before the corn. In forest glades that is also not a problem. Additionally you should check that your cannabis strain is really an outdoor strain or your plants will most likely not survive the climate.

Germinate you Cannabis Seeds

Some people just throw their Cannabis seeds over their growing spot, but that isn´t the best idea, it doesn´t give you the chance to pick out the male plants nicely, you will loose many seeds cause they don´t germinate or are eaten by animals, distance between plants is not perfect so that they bother each other during the grow and so on. The best idea is to germinate the cannabis seeds at home, plant the germinated seeds into small flowerpots and let them grow to a small plant. The small plants are than ready for outdoor cannabis growing, as they can prevail much better against vermin, mushrooms, animals and threats through days with bad weather. See our entry “Cannabis Seeds Germination” for more information about germinating the seeds, handling the seedlings and how to time everything properly.

Preparing your growing spot

Cannabis requires a fluffily soil without pollution. That means you have to loosen the soil, especially when you are growing cannabis in a forest glade. The soil here can be pretty tight and not the stuff Cannabis loves. Also some areas of forests are often polluted through people who get rid of their trash, you will be surprised, and you can find there everything, from old syringes over car tires up to washing machines. So it can be possible that small areas of the forest are polluted with old oil and similar, these pollutions have to be avoided. The best way is to bring fresh flower soil with you and prepare a nice thick layer of it for your cannabis plants. For sure it won´t be thick enough for the plants during all growing periods and the roots will dig through it quickly, but it gives you the guarantee that your plants have the best soil during the first weeks. After the first weeks the plants are already quite big and aren´t very fragile anymore. The preparation of the growing spot can be done a few days before bringing the small plants to it.

Bringing out the young plants

The cannabis plants are just taken out of their flowerpots and placed in the soil; if possible watering with fertilizers is a good idea. But most important is to have a solution with neem oil ready, that solution is sprayed all over your plants. Neem oil is a natural protection against most vermin and without it you will quickly end up in trouble. The neem oil solution is sprayed on the plants every 2 to 3 weeks. When you already got trouble with vermin, they are sprayed with it every 10 days.

Taking care about your growth

As said before, spray your plants every 2 to 3 weeks with neem oil. Also fertilize your plants properly, see that you use the right fertilizer during the growing period and the right one during the flowering period. Come back to your plants every second or third day, look out for vermin and other stuff that might harm your plants. Check your plants for signs of pre-maturing, so that you can take away the male cannabis plants early. Keep an eye on the soil, if it seems dry, you have to bring water to water your plants. Don´t spray water or a neem oil solution on your plants during full sunlight, as the water drops can work like a magnifying glass and burn the leaves.

The cannabis flowering period begins

If it starts, you have to switch the fertilizer, but keep in mind to stop fertilizing around 2 weeks before the harvest. Otherwise fertilizer residues can ruin the taste of your weed. Come back daily to spray all your plants with water, to ensure a good final growth and to get rid of the last fertilizer. You should also stop spaying neem oil around 3 to 4 weeks before the harvest, it is not really dangerous for your health, but it will also adulterate the taste of your weed in a very negative way. Keep checking that the soil is always wet, that is very important during the flowering period, as a low water supply can slow down the production of the buds and the resin. Stop watering your cannabis plants completely 2 to 3 days before you harvest, that speeds up drying and won´t affect the quality. 

cannabis flowering period

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