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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Strategy: Grow Cannabis indoor or outdoor?

cannabis strains - grow cannabis outdoor
Cannabis growing can be difficult and easy at the same time, also it depends on how much money you want to invest or you can invest. Outdoor growers always have to calculate, that other people could their spot growing places. And so loose all their plants in that location. On the opposite indoor growers have high costs and if they are spotted, there is no way to avoid that they are connected with the cannabis plants. Another important fact is of course the region where you live and if outdoor is an option at all. The next question is the amount you want to achieve per harvest, is it only for personal usage or in large quantities, if only for personal use, is it for occasional usage or for daily use?

Most growers have to ask this question to them before starting to grow.

All these questions have to be answered before starting to grow cannabis. But if you are in no hurry, it can be a good idea to first start with one or two plants you keep on the balcony. That way you can experiment with different techniques for different grow periods; also you get a feeling for the whole thing. Also one or two plants on the balcony do not produce large costs and don´t need you to invest a fortune. One further important thing is that one or two plants are no big deal if you get busted, in most countries the plants are just taken away and get destroyed. In some others you are charged depending on the amount the plants currently represent, so you have to pay money. Only in very few countries you get hard penalties like prison for such a small amount.
Let´s try to put all questions in order and let´s take a look at the indoor and outdoor cannabis growing techniques to find out what is right for you.

What environment has your location to offer?

That is the first question to ask, to determine if outdoor growing is an option at all. If you live in an area where most days are sunny and there is no real hard winter at all, than it is for sure absolutely no problem. If you live in regions where winters can be hard and sunny days are limited, like Germany, Switzerland, Austria, the Netherlands and similar, than you can only make one time the cannabis outdoor grow season per year. Further you have to bring out your small plants between the end of April to the beginning of June. Depending on the used strain, they are ready to harvest after 4-5 months. So they are ready around September or October.

Does your location offer a good spot for growing?

Important facts about Cannabis are the smell, the visibility and the soil. You need a spot where other people can´t see it, but where they still get full sunlight, often used are forest glades. So it is important that it is a bit of the regular ways and streets, to avoid unwanted guests. But also it should be fast to reach, so that you don´t travel an hour yourself to get their. The distance to other people is also important because the smell can become really a problem and depending on the direction of the wind, it could be blown to people you don´t want to know about. Next to check is the soil, cannabis requires a fluffily soil without much pollution. Or you have to bring your own soil with you. That means you have to carry a quite large amount of potting soil to your growing spot.

That brings up the next thing to check, it might become necessary to water your plants, if there is not enough rain during the hot summer days. So be sure to be able to reach your plants quite easily.

What is more important to you, Cannabis quality or quantity?

If you want the highest quality possible, than you should choose indoor growing, as you can control everything and every day. Outdoor you are committed to the natural weather. But that doesn´t mean outdoor Cannabis is always low quality, it just means that the high end quality is made indoor. Some outdoor cannabis strains are also made for large yields and can produce extraordinary large amounts of good weed. For example there are cannabis strains where plants can grow as high as 4 meters and can build up to 2,5 kg of buds per plant! So for a large quantity, outdoor will be your option.

What´s your desired yield?

Do you only want a small amount of cannabis because you smoke a joint from time to time? Or do you need larger amounts for you and your friends for daily usage? Or do you want to make the big money with big amounts of weed?

For large amounts, worth selling, the outdoor growing is the best choice, as it offers low costs and large amounts of weed. If you want to grow enough to bring in your costs and also always have something ready for yourself, than indoor is the better choice. Because here you can decide which strain to use and therefore how much time has to pass from yield to yield. Additional you can harvest you cannabis plants several times a year and not only once.

Is your home suited for Cannabis indoor growing?

cannabis seeds - grow cannabis indoor
And here we are at the most important questions for indoor cannabis growing. Do you have the possibility to grow unseen and without others to smell what is going on? Regular a so called grow box or grow room is used, it is in most cases a cupboard sized “chamber”. It is perfectly suited to imitate the natural environment for cannabis; it is completely dark and made of material that can´t rot from humidity. The light comes from different artificial light sources for each growing period, air cycling systems, watering systems, temperature control and timing systems are used. So the smell is still transported outside of the grow box and that means other still could smell it. For example if you have a police dog nearby, because someone of the police is living in the area, you could get in trouble.

Can you afford Cannabis indoor growing?

Cannabis indoor growing can quickly become a problem as soon as the bill from the electricity company arrives. So the worst things are the ongoing costs of it, not the amount you have to invest for the equipment you need. But even the cannabis growing equipment can cost a small fortune. You can decide to buy a ready to use grow box or build one yourself, some ready to use grow boxes are delivered with all equipment needed; even including different lamps for different cannabis grow periods. So it can be easier to buy a fully equipped and ready to use grow box, but for sure that is the most expensive way to get your stuff. Depending on the size of the grow box, you quickly have to pay up to 800€ or more for it. If you build it yourself, you can make your grow box out of material from the home improvement store. That will easily safe you 100 to 300€, but therefore you have to buy all other parts like lamps, filtering systems and so on. So the one way or the other, the equipment will make several hundred Euros to get you started.

Prices for electricity change every year and from company to company, but regularly become more expensive each year, so for an average cannabis grow room you can quickly count in an additional 100 to 250€ per month.

What cannabis growing method is easier and better suited for a beginner?

That mainly depends on the cannabis strain and how much care it requires, so it can´t be finally said one way is easier than the other. Outdoor might seem easier at first, but here vermin, mushroom spores and similar can be a large problem. For example snails can quickly eat away your cannabis plants in no time. That means root growth hormones, fertilizers and pesticide might be required as well, at least fertilizing can´t be bad.

As written at the beginning it can be a good idea to start with cannabis growing outdoor or balcony grow with a small number of plants. Also choosing a cannabis strain that is described as “easy to grow” is recommended. That way you get a feeling for the plant, its different grow periods and you will find out easier what is the right thing for you.


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